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The Pure Rejuvenation Therapy

The original, ayurvedic full body therapy. Abhyanga uses special, person-specific medicated herbal oils. All our oils are combined to match your needs. Abhyanga is a firm but gentle whole-body massage that helps the skin, the largest organ in the body, perform its diverse functions efficiently – whether that is allowing toxins to be released from the body, or nourishment to be absorbed by the tissues.

Benefits Include:

  • Nourishes the body
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases Longevity
  • Reduces Stress
  • Strengthens Immune system
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Reduces fat
  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Softens and moisturizes skin
  • Decreases the effects of aging

Essentially an Abhyanga treatment  allows the skin to absorb the healing qualities of the oils and facilitates the release of toxins that may have accumulated during the night. Involving therapists working in sync, a heated blend of oils (infused with nourishing herbs and flowers) is lightly applied to the entire body. The therapists then wait up to five minutes to let some of the oil absorb into your skin before they begin treatments your entire body.

Even pressure will be applied with the whole hand using a combination of circular motions and straight strokes, although lighter pressure is used on sensitive areas such as the abdomen and the heart. More oil and time will be spent where nerve endings are concentrated, such as the soles of the feet, palms of the hands and along the base of the fingernails.

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The Stress Relief Therapy

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic relaxing Stress therapy that involves gently pouring warm oil or herbal medicated milk over the forehead for a certain period of time.

Benefits include:

  • One of the best relaxation procedures
  • Relieves mental stress and insomnia
  • Relieves headaches
  • Improves the quality of the voice
  • Gives strength to the head and neck
  • Regulates mood and depression disorders
  • Rejuvenates the entire face
  • Softens worry lines
  • Increases blood circulation to the brain
  • Increases your alertness

Shirodhara is a form of Ayurveda treatment that involves gently pouring liquids over the forehead (the ‘third eye’). It was developed by vaidyas (practitioners of Ayurveda) in  India for use in sukhachikitsa (restorative therapy) and can be one of the steps involved in Panchakarma. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiras ‘head’ and dhara ‘flow’. The liquids used in shirodhara depend on what is being treated and what is the Dosha type of the person being treated, but can include oil, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, or even plain water.

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The Ear, Nose, and Throat Revive Therapy

This is one of the most important Panchakarma therapies that involves the face and head massage with herbal oil preparations. It is followed by steam inhalation and Ayurvedic herbal nasal drops which are used to melt and relieve mucus from the sinus passage.

Benefits include:

  • Relieves nasal congestion and opens blocked sinuses
  • Reduces running nose
  • Improves the facial nervous system
  • Restores body balance
  • Beneficial for frozen shoulders
  • Reduces Ear infections

Nasyam is a very important treatment for discomfort in the head region. Nostrils are the doorway to brain. As such, treatment to that area is done through the nostrils. Nasyam not only helps in removing toxins from the head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region, it also gives immunity to these parts. Nasyam helps in preventing many disorders related to the head and neck region like paralysis, various headaches, diseases of sensory organs, sinusitis etc. It provides strength to sensory organs, prevents aging, hair loss and graying. It also keeps the skin of the face and the body free from wrinkles.

After completing Nasyam, the patient will feel lighter and less congested; the mind clear and the senses more acute. They will also feel more comfortable and happy.

Shirodhara is included in all of our Abhyanga Packages or can be purchased on its own. Click below to learn more:


The Complete Pain Relief Therapy

Potli/kizhi is a massage which uses small herbal pouches made of various herbs which are warmed in medicated oils. They are then used to massage the entire body or specific areas like the back, neck, shoulders, hands and joints.

Benefit includes:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes better circulation
  • Relieves pain in joints
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Reduces muscular spasms
  • Improves flexibility
  • Tones the skin
  • Alleviates arthritis pain

Podikizhi is effective in relieving arthritis, paralysis and neuro-muscular diseases.
Those affected by degenerative joint disorders, paralysis and diseases caused by disrupted Vata and Kapha such as rheumatic disorder, arthritis, spondilitis and paralysis, etc, are recommended for this treatment.

You will feel your body aches, swelling, joint pains and stiffness gradually disappear after having this treatment done. The herbal leaves put in the potli have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. When they are dipped in hot oil they open the channels of lymphatic nodes, making your body feel relaxed and yet awake.

Potli/Khizi is included in the packages listed below, or can be purchased on its own. Click below to learn more:


The Joint Pain Relief Therapy

A large quantity of Ayurvedic warm oils are poured on the affected parts of the body or on the whole body depending upon the requirements.

Benefit includes:

  • Beneficial for osteoarthritis
  • Relieves symptoms of muscular dystrophy
  • Helps to mitigate muscle spasm
  • Alleviate lower back pain
  • Alleviate sciatica pain
  • Excellent way to regain the strength after a stroke

Pizhichil is a special form of Ayurvedic treatment that combines rich oil massage with a special heat treatment. This therapy is known as the “King’s Treatment” due to its popularity with the Maharajas of ancient India. During this indulgent treatment, 20 liters of medicated and warmed Ayurvedic oil is continuously poured over the body while two practitioners rub and stimulate the skin using hands and special cotton cloths. The process is performed with the person both lying down and while sitting in a chair specially designed for the purpose of applying medicated oils.

Recommended for extremely high Vata dosha types, muscular aches and pains, rheumatic problems, osteoarthritis, insomnia, and depression. Benefits also include toning and rejuvenating the skin, relaxation, and inner balance.

This is a highly rejuvenating treatment that enhances muscular tone and re-tones the entire nervous system.The patient feels relief and comfort in their own skin after this treatment.

Pizhichil is a special treatment. It must be recommended by our specialists after a consultation. If you believe you need this treatment, please book a consultation with us, below.


The Weight Management Therapy

In this therapy, the body is rubbed vigorously with medicated powders which breaks down fat and reduces cellulite.

Benefit includes:

  • Controls Excess Weight
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps control obesity by burning fat
  • Improves skin health
  • Bestows better blood circulation
  • Improves Muscle strength

A stimulating massage using special herbal powder to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve circulation and enhance your skin’s texture and appearance. We thoroughly exfoliate your body using a powerful mixture of Ayurvedic powders which will break up fatty deposits and energize blood circulation. A delightful body treatment to remove excess heat from your body, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the surface of the skin.

This remarkable treatment consists of natural nourishing ingredients such as Almond Oil, Chickpea Flour, Turmeric Powder and Fenugreek Powder. Almond Oil, containing proteins and minerals,  is excellent for relaxing muscles and ligaments while lubricating the skin. Turmeric Powder strengthens the skin, relieves kapha (mucus) and vata (wind) and works great as an antiseptic.

While you indulge yourself in deep relaxation, the Udvartana Massage will remove excess heat from your body, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the surface of the skin. This is a wonderful treatment for those seeking to achieve a perfectly smooth, blemish-free, gleaming body.

Udvartanam can be purchased on its own. Click below to learn more:

Kati Vasti

The Back Pain Relief Therapy

This procedure involves retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back or other parts of the spine.

Benefits include:

  • Alleviates numbness due to Sciatic nerve compression
  • Alleviates most types of low-back pain
  • Stimulates and nourishes nerves
  • Relieving pain and numbness
  • Stimulates and nourishes the nerves and relieves the pain
  • Strengthens back muscles which maintain normal curvature of the spine

In this Ayurvedic treatment, a dam made of besan flour is placed on the lower back and special herbal warm oil is gently poured into it. The local ancient marma points are energized, and the warm herbal oil soothes away the pain.

This panchakarma treatment is a very effective treatment for back pain, stiffness, and other back concerns related to spinal disc problems. This treatment considerably increases the circulation in the region it is performed. The herbal oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin. This both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Kati Vasti is a special treatment. It must be recommended by our specialists after a consultation. If you believe you need this treatment, please book a consultation with us, below.

Akshi Tarpana

The Healthy Eye Care Therapy

Akshi Tarpana is a unique procedure where medicated ghee is retained over the eyes for a specific amount of time. The medicated ghee nourishes and strengthens the eye structure.

Benefits include:

  • Increases strength of Ocular muscles
  • Facilitates normal eye movements
  • Corrects refractive errors
  • Beneficial in cataract

A gentle massage is done on the head, eyes and face before a frame is made around both eyes. The frame is filled with medicated ghee. Once the eyes are covered with the ghee, the patient opens and closes them several times before the ghee is removed. This is a very beneficial treatment for many conditions. Akshi tarpana is for a healthy person (protect/ prevent degeneration), dryness of the eye, squint, falling of eye lashes, optic nerve atrophy, eye strain (computer work, air condition), muscular degeneration, and drooping of eye lid.

This panchakarma treatment will provides strength to your eyes, an essential part of good eye health. You will feel nourishment in the eyes and freshness and lightness in the eye area. You may also notice more sound sleep and less wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes..

Akshi Tarpana is included in the packages listed below, or can be purchased on its own. Click below to learn more:


The glowing therapy. This is a sitting steam bath for the whole body (only the head is out). The therapy is done after all therapies to drive the herbal oil deeper into the layers of the skin, and remove toxins through sweating.

Benefit includes:

  • Makes Your Skin Healthy
  • Relieves you of general body aches
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps you in reducing weight
  • Drains toxins from deep tissues

The term “swedana” is used in Ayurvedic medicine to describe treatments which involve sweating.  In Ayurveda, swedana is used to relieve excess doshas from the body, establishing a state of balance which promotes general health. In Swedana, someone’s body is enclosed in a box which is filled with herb-infused steam, with the mixture of the herbs . Clients sit in the steam box for around ten minutes to  half  hour before being released.

Swedana is not for everyone. People who are pregnant should avoid it, as should people with blood disorders, heart conditions, and bouts of dizziness or vertigo. Whether you undertake swedana for health, beauty, or both, it is a good idea to consult a specialist first to make sure that it is not contraindicated for you.

The immediate benefit Swedana is better skin, as the heat and steam helps keep the skin clear and healthy. It can also relieve muscle aches and pains, and can relieve an imbalance of doshas which may be causing health problems.

Svedana can be added to any packages or treatments. Learn more about our packages below: